Finite state machines: a design pattern for FPGAs and React

C3 | Thu 24 Jan | 11:35 a.m.–12:20 p.m.

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  • Tessa Bradbury

    Since graduating 5 years ago with a computer science degree (plus that actuarial studies degree that hides out in the back of the closet), Tessa has worked on everything from a kernel module for a quantum random number generator to web accessibility. Tessa is currently working at Bugcrowd using ruby-on-rails and react and is learning rust just for fun.


At my current job we use React as our frontend javascript framework. After just joining the company, I was reading through the documentation when it suddenly hit me that it was describing was a finite state machine. I knew about finite state machines! I did those back at university! And that was when I realised the most useful unit I did at university for working with React was the FPGA and microprocessor course. This talk will cover what finite state machines are, how they are useful across the width and breadth of software development, including both IoT and javascript, and some key things to remember when implementing them. Linux Australia: YouTube: