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Registrations Close

Prices & Inclusions

All prices are in New Zealand Dollars and include 15% New Zealand Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Professional Hobbyist Student
Early Bird Price $899 $399 n/a
Regular Price $1099 $549 $199
Main Conference Yes Yes Yes
Miniconfs Yes Yes Yes
Penguin Dinner Yes Optional Optional
Conference Shirt Yes Yes Yes
Swag Bag Yes Yes Yes

Ticket types


The Professional ticket is the standard full inclusion conference ticket. This rate applies to most people who have their companies pay the conference fees and charge it as a professional development expense, or for individuals who can legitimately claim it is a tax deduction. The benefits of a Professional ticket include attendance at the Professional Delegates Networking Session, attendance at the Penguin Dinner, and a Swag Bag.


The Hobbyist rate is heavily discounted for free software enthusiasts who are paying out of their own pockets and would otherwise find it difficult to attend.


This is a concession rate ticket that is reserved for High School, College, or University Students. offers this rate as a form of investment in the future of the free and open source software community. As part of the registration process, a valid student ID card or proof of enrolment must be presented to the onsite registration desk. Any Student who cannot provide this will be required to register at LCA2019 as a hobbyist by paying the difference in fees between the Student rate and the Hobbyist rate.