Apprentice Linux Engineer

This year at LCA, the ALE team is presenting tutorials on several subjects, including embedded, IOT, cloud, and security. ALE, the Apprentice Linux Engineer track, is a tutorial series driven by volunteer professional speakers who present apprentice-level material in a way that beginners can understand and use the information. Most tutorials also provide hands-on training, usually with embedded hardware designed and built by ALE volunteers – this is the only associated cost, other than conference attendance fees.

Important Note

These sessions are open first to people who have purchased the ALE Floral Bonnet board in order to do the in seminar labs. Furthermore, there limited room in the classroom, so arrive early for each session to make sure you have a seat. Preference given to those who have the Floral bonnet for their raspberrypi zero boards.

List of Topics and Speakers (3 days)

Day Time Instructor Seminar
Mon 10:40am-12:20pm Behan Webster Floral Bonnet Walkthrough
Mon 1:30pm-3:10pm Marek Vasut Introduction to the U-Boot bootloader
Mon 3:50pm-5:30pm Tom King Introduction to Bluetooth
Tue 10:40am-12:20pm Behan Webster Introduction to GPIOs and libgpio
Tue 1:30pm-3:10pm Tom King Introduction to SPI and SPIdev
Tue 3:50pm-5:30pm Grant Likely Introduction to I2C and I2Cdev
Wed 10:40am-12:20pm John Hawley IoT and the Cloud
Wed 1:30pm-3:10pm Terri Oda The Security of IoT
Wed 3:50pm-5:30pm Bradley Kuhn Navigate Licensing to Build Linux Apps

All E-ALE presentations are held in room Jack Erskine 133