Clockwork: Programming with rules

C2 | Mon 21 Jan | 2:50 p.m.–3:10 p.m.

Presented by

  • Mike O'Connor

    Mike O'Connor is a network and software engineer with 15 years experience in the ITSP and industrial control fields. He finds that he is using open source software in every part of his professional life and has wanted to create and release a project back to the community for years. Clockwork is this project.


Clockwork is a language to describe how machines should behave. It was developed specifically to reduce the risk and cost of custom programming of short-run machines without loss of flexibility. Over several decades we have built custom machines and have built control systems using a variety of technologies, including: Z80 controller boards, C++ control software under Linux and a variety of PLC's. These technologies have had their strengths and weaknesses but overall we have found that Clockwork and its associated tools has far greater re-usability and lower per-machine development overhead than anything else we have tried. The language itself is not like other programming languages and this talk is about how we program in Clockwork. Linux Australia: YouTube: