Disaster recovery book

C2 | Tue 22 Jan | 4:15 p.m.–4:40 p.m.

Presented by

  • Svetlana Marina

    Svetlana is a Software Developer at ThoughtWorks. She writes code, she delivers software into production and she talks about it a lot.


Releasing your software into production can be an exciting time for your team. If everything goes well, you will get inevitable production incidents and support requests from your customers! Congratulations! It is a good sign, your system is being used. If things go really well, you may find that the velocity of your team is slowing down and maybe you firefighting too much, instead of improving your product and delivering new functionality. Having a recent experience of establishing operational support model within a development team, I would like to share some guidelines we developed when writing operational runbooks for our product. In this talk, I will cover industry accepted standards around operational runbooks, why should we write them, when, what should go in there, how detailed do you need to be, how to keep them up to date etc. Linux Australia: http://mirror.linux.org.au/pub/linux.conf.au/2019/c2/Tuesday/Disaster_recovery_book.webm YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3ujH8grK3k