A Long Day's Journey Into Backups

A1 | Thu 24 Jan | 10:40 a.m.–11:25 a.m.

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  • Rachel Kelly

    Rachel is a Bash and Python programmer who has recently been in the Ops space for the last several years. She loves showing people the command line and getting involved with local open source and Python community. She has two cats & a cool husband, and loves bicycle commuting and the McElroy brothers.


This is a story of the journey taken to have effective, safe backups in customer environments. Part history (four separate solutions implemented), part prescriptivism (use the cheaper storage solution, my GOD use the cheaper storage solution), part actual technical solutions (tar, S3, NFS/EFS), let's talk about the thousand solutions we tried, and what is really and truly working for the company and for me (and you!), the operations engineer. Linux Australia: http://mirror.linux.org.au/pub/linux.conf.au/2019/a1/Thursday/A_Long_Days_Journey_Into_Backups.webm YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wb2pTr3eTw0