How the quest to prevent time from running out has led me to all corners of the Linux kernel


Drivers, filesystems, sockets, input events, vdso, python?? and more... Everything that needs to be fixed to prevent from time overflow. This is a talk about some of the problems I expected, and new ones I discovered, on our way to solving the 32-bit timestamps problem for the Linux Kernel. I work with Arnd Bergmann on solving the y2038 problem. I would like to paint a picture of how we see the problem: our design principles, strategies and end with where we are today.

Presented by

    Deepa Dinamani

    Deepa is a Computer Science enthusiast. She likes thinking of why things are the way they are. Her interests are theoretical Computer Science and Operating Systems. She previously worked for Qualcomm in San Diego. Currently she works at Google in the San Francisco Bay Area. There she works on system software for data center servers, including the Linux kernel and adjacent layers. Deepa is also a Outreachy Linux Kernel Alumni.