Plastic is Forever: Designing Tomu's Injection-Molded Case

A2 | Wed 23 Jan | 10:40 a.m.–11:25 a.m.

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  • Sean "xobs" Cross

    Sean has spent the past fifteen years slowly making his way down the stack and up the supply chain. Initially starting with sysadmin, web development, and database tuning, he jumped to firmware development at chumby in 2007. From there he kept going lower, moving on to hardware, manufacturing, and factory management.


Tomu is a small USB computer designed to fit entirely within a USB Type-A slot. But how do you fit a small circuit board in a USB slot without having it fall out? What exactly is the process of designing something to be made out of plastic? What is open source injection molding? Come and hear what we learned while making the case for Tomu. From reading mechanical diagrams to using open source software to actually getting it manufactured, we'll cover everything you've ever wanted to know about producing simple cases, what it takes to decide if your project should make the jump to plastic, and how to read the tea leaves when looking at injection molded parts. Linux Australia: YouTube: