Docs Down Under


After a hiatus in 2018, Docs Down Under has returned to!

Docs Down Under is a technical communication-themed miniconference open to professionals of all kinds from across Australia. Topics on every aspect of technical communication are welcome, ranging from languages and tools to building communities and the state of the industry. Following this year's theme, we are particularly interested in talks on embedded documentation and the future of technical communication in a highly connected world.

Great documentation is a critical aspect of any successful project, and this miniconference brings together writing professionals, communicators, software developers, and operators from across Australia to share their ideas, information, and experience. Whether you are are a professional writer, a project contributor, or just interested in the art of communication, we invite you to come along and get your docs on!

Call for Proposals

We are inviting talks on topics related to the field of technical communication and documentation in open source. If you work with documentation, we want to hear from you.

Topics for presentations could include (but are not limited to):

  • The future of technical communication
  • Documentation best practice
  • Writing styles
  • Documentation as code
  • Embedded documentation
  • Translation and internationalization
  • Development and publishing infrastructure
  • Working with engineers and other teams
  • Coders who write, writers who code
  • Open Source documentation and writing in online communities
  • Information architecture
  • Writing for diverse media
  • User design
  • Processes and methodologies
  • Tips, tricks, and tales from field

Presentation Formats

We are now open for talk submissions. We have openings for:

  • 40-45 min presentations
  • 20-30 min short presentations
  • 5-10 min lightning talks

Don’t see a format here that interests you? Want to run a panel discussion or an interactive session? Let us know! The schedule is flexible and we're happy to accommodate.


Submission are now open! Head over to to create your speaker profile and submit your presentation summary.

  1. Create an account. This is the same system used by, so if you already have a profile there you can use the same one for your submission.
  2. Log in and access your Dashboard under the Attend dropdown.
  3. Click Docs Down Under Proposal.
  4. Complete the proposal form, and you're done!

We encourage you to submit multiple proposals if you have lots of great ideas to share. Note that proposals can be edited up until the submission deadline.

If you’re looking for extra advice or want to chat about an idea before submitting you can always email us. We’re excited to hear from you!

Submissions close: 30th November 2018, New Zealand Standard Time

We strongly encourage both new and experienced speakers from all walks of life to apply – all ages, genders, nationalities, ethnicities, backgrounds, religions, and abilities. Like the main LCA conference, we respect and encourage diversity at our miniconf and all presentations and attendees must adhere to the Code of Conduct. If you would like any assistance with creating a proposal, don't hesitate to ask one of the organisers.

Tickets & Financial Assistance

Please note, is a community run conference. Miniconf speakers do not receive complimentary tickets to the conference. To present or attend the miniconf you will need to be a registered attendee of with either a Professional, Hobbyist, or Student ticket.

We understand this is not easy to do for all people, and we ask that if you don’t think you can attend the conference without assistance, please contact us. We would love to look at ways to help you attend. Your attendance and involvement is very important to us, and we want to help you be there.

Dates and Deadlines

30-11-2018 - Deadline for submissions
07-12-2018 - Confirmation of presentations
22-01-2019 - Doc Down Under miniconf

Organisers & Contact

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch with Lana Brindley and Brian Moss at: