Developer Developer

Building on the tradition of the Open Programming (Languages) Miniconf that ran at 2010 until 2014, and returning to the LCA program in 2018, the Developer Developer Miniconf is an outlet for the growing community of application developers who attend to talk about how to do software development properly.

This year, as well as exploring the latest in open source languages, we want to discuss aspects including:

  • Development methodologies, including software testing and release
  • DevOps tools, techniques, and software deployment strategies
  • Documentation tools
  • Software Architecture techniques
  • Usability and interface design

We're keen to run an inclusive CFP, and to be particularly inviting of speakers who've never spoken at a conference, or to people who are new to

In 2018, and every instance of the predecessor Open Programming Miniconf, we've consistently attracted more talks than we've had spaces available, and we run a public call for lightning talks in the week before the conference, in order to provide more opportunities for first-time speakers.