Keynote: Personal Branding for the Security Conscious (C1)

C1 | Thu 24 Jan | 9:10 a.m.–10 a.m.

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  • Shannon Morse

    Shannon Morse's has been podcasting since 2008 and is an influencer in consumer technology and internet security. Her expertise include hardware reviews and how-tos, tutorials for personal privacy and security, the credit card industry, and software defined radio. She is also a licensed amateur radio enthusiast. Currently, Shannon hosts several Youtube shows including TekThing, Threat Wire, Hak5, HakTip and videos on her own channel. She has a combined following of over half a million viewers and built a successful career, completely self taught. Shannon produces, writes, and edits all of her content. She has made appearances on several podcasts on popular networks like TWiT, Revision3, Nvidia GeForce, MatPat's Game Lab, and CNET. Shannon has also been an extra in Jason Bourne. In recent years, Shannon has been an advocate for women in infosec. She has helped create conduct policies for multiple conventions and has introduced a sponsorship program to Hak5. Shannon lives in San Francisco with her husband and two cats. She's a huge bookworm, an atheist, a couponer, an otaku, and a clean freak.


Shannon Morse leads the largest information security podcast and video series on the web, educating countless individuals about security and privacy for the masses. With over 1500+ videos produced, Shannon has developed a career in infosec as an influencer and supporter for up and coming professionals. Shannon's career mixes the worlds of hacking and open source, while introducing the concepts of social media to the security conscious mindset. Using her years of experience creating a new job title that didn't exist a decade ago, Shannon shares her thoughts on personal branding in the infosec industry, not only to get the job you want, but to be respected as an equal in the community. Linux Australia: YouTube: