Writing Accessible Code

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  • julia ferraioli

    Julia Ferraioli is a Developer Advocate with Google’s Open Source Programs Office. She's a polyglot, though in code only, and is excited about machine learning, containers, accessibility, and sprinkles (in roughly that order). Her superpowers are finding ways to incorporate her interests into her work and estimating how much stuff can fit inside a container.


As developers, we hear (hopefully!) a lot about making what we build accessible for the users. There are company-wide initiatives, conferences and conference sessions, tooling, blog posts, and more to help us build products for people with disabilities. But, what we don’t hear much about is how to make the development experience itself accessible. That means that engineering teams, are often built by, of, and for people without disabilities. Let’s look at some common development practices and see how they can become barriers for developers with disabilities. We’ll then see how to make some simple changes that reduce or remove these hurdles. By instituting good practices around code accessibility early on, you can foster an inclusive team that can run an accessible project. In addition to making your code base accessible to those with disabilities, these adaptations can make your project easier to navigate for everyone, new contributors and senior developer alike.