MM101 introduction to memory management

C1 | Tue 22 Jan | 2:25 p.m.–3:10 p.m.

Presented by

  • Christopher Lameter

    Christoph Lameter is working as a lead in research and development for Jump Trading LLC (an algorithmic trading company) in Chicago and maintains the slab allocators and the per cpu subsystems in the Linux Kernel. He contributed to a number of Linux projects since the initial kernel releases in the early 90s. As a kernel developer at SGI he helped pioneer the use of Linux for Supercomputing and developed the necessary kernel capabilities for HPC applications. Currently he is working on improving Linux through the use of new faster APIs to a variety of high performance devices and is evaluating new technologies that allow faster processing.


An introduction to Linux memory management at the levels of the basic mechanisms. The basics of paging. Understanding hardware memory management and the difference between virtual, physical and swap memory. How do determine the hardware installed and how to figure out the use of that memory by processes. How a process uses physical and virtual memory effectively. How to control overcommit and virtual and/or physical memory limits. Also includes an introduction to the basic knobs in Linux to control memory management and system calls so that a process can control its memory usage. Linux Australia: YouTube: