Printed circuit artboards - how rapid PCB manufacturing is a thing of beauty

A1 | Tue 22 Jan | noon–12:20 p.m.

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  • Christopher Biggs

    Christopher Biggs is the convenor of the Brisbane Internet of Things interest group, and is founder and principal of Accelerando Consulting, a boutique consultancy specialising in IoT, DevOps mentorship and Cloud Data. Christopher has been into Open Systems since the early 90s and was there at the birth of Linux and 386BSD. His interest in electronics and connected devices goes back even further. Christopher’s career encompasses software development, system architecture and engineering management. He built and managed a diverse, global team of over 60 developers at a leading Brisbane IT company. He has presented at conferences and user groups around Australia, and is a part time Developer Evangelist for a technical conference organisation. In his spare time he builds and blogs robots with his three children, and adds to the growing Internet of Things.


For Christmas 2018 I made an IoT-enabled LED star for our Christmas tree. I designed it in an afternoon and had the circuit boards in my hands 5 days later, for a cost of $5.00 for ten. Learn how to get the most out of PCB design tools and PCB manufacture services to let your electronic circuits become a feature of your art. A circuit board doesn't have to be green, and it doesn't have to be rectangular. You can make your circuit part of your art by varying * the shape of the board itself, or * including artistic elements in the silk-screen overlay, or even * make your copper tracks an artwork of their own Linux Australia: YouTube: