Keeping the Balance: loadbalancing demystified

C1 | Mon 21 Jan | 3:50 p.m.–4:20 p.m.

Presented by

  • Murali Suriar

    Murali Suriar is a lapsed computer science graduate, turned network engineer, turned SRE. Currently working at Google running cluster filesystem and locking services. Left Google to get on a boat. Got bored and came back.


Can you explain the entire path that an IP packet takes from your users to your binary? What about a web request? Do you understand the tradeoffs that different kinds of load balancing techniques make? If not, this talk is for you. Load balancing is hard, and it is made up of many disparate technologies. It cuts across network, transport and application layers. We'll describe different flavours of load balancing (network, naming, application) and how they work. We will then discuss example use cases, and which load balancing approaches are most appropriate in each case. We'll also relate these to several design patterns for high-availability services that have developed over the years. Finally, we'll relate the techniques we've been discussing to well-known open source technologies and to the major cloud load balancing services. You will come away with: - An understanding of various load balancing techniques, and some of their high points and pitfalls. - Some criteria by which to evaluate different load balancing technologies. - A framework of heuristics to use when deciding what load balancing pattern(s) to use with your service. Linux Australia: YouTube: