Python++ – Bringing your code to the next level

C1 | Mon 21 Jan | 11:05 a.m.–11:30 a.m.

Presented by

  • Jan Groth

    Jan is happy scripting and automating in Python as a Cloud Engineer at Versent/Sydney. Prior to moving into DevOps he has been a Java Developer for almost 15 years.


Python is a great language for DevOps tasks. It’s easy to use for automation and offers an end-to-end range of tooling for managing infrastructure on-premise and in the cloud. Scripts are quickly implemented and new features easily rolled out. But what if complexity grows and all of the sudden you find yourself in a complete mess? How do you add a new feature or fix a bug in a script that you struggle to understand because it was written months ago? And do you sometimes see someone else’s code that you like but can't always put your finger on the magic ingredient? This talk is aimed at you if you are reasonably confident reading Python code and want to discover and improve beyond the basics. I'll provide you with ideas and suggestions that will help you stay on top of your coding and will bring it to the next level: Clean code which is easier to understand, more functional, testable and beautiful. Linux Australia: YouTube: