Production ready Kubernetes in OpenStack public clouds

C1 | Fri 25 Jan | 1:30 p.m.–2:15 p.m.

Presented by

  • Feilong Wang

    Head of R&D at Catalyst Cloud, a public cloud based in New Zealand built on OpenStack. Core developer on OpenStack Container Infra Management service(Magnum), OpenStack Messaging service(Zaqar) and OpenStack Billing service(Distil) . My interests in OpenStack are varied, but my focus of late has been on Kubernetes on OpenStack, Cloud Computing Billing.

  • Xingchao Yu

    Xingchao is a Cloud Engineer at Catalyst Cloud. He is the active developer of OpenStack community since 2013, focus on Continuous integration and Continuous develiery area.


Platform services have came a long way. Not only they are getting more popular, but they are also driving true multi-cloud interoperability. The combination of OpenStack and Kubernetes is becoming a standard option to allow users to benefit from both virtual machines and containers for their cloud-native applications. In this presentation we will share Catalyst’s public cloud journey in building a production ready managed Kubernetes service on top of OpenStack. The following items will be covered: * Network isolation with K8s network policy * Persistent volume integrated with OpenStack Cinder * Loadbalancer and Ingress integrated with Octavia * K8s Keystone auth integration * Multi master deployment * Conformance (Sonobuoy) verification/testing * Automation of K8s rolling upgrades Linux Australia: YouTube: