Open Source Tools for Publishing and Processing Earth Observation Imagery

C3 | Thu 24 Jan | 3:50 p.m.–4:35 p.m.

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  • Paul Haesler

    Paul is Canberra-based software engineer working for CSIRO/Data-61. He has been telling computers what to do since he forced his father to take him to a BASIC programming course in the late 70s, and has gotten paid for it since he left University in the mid 90s. He has long been a passionate supporter of open source software and is proud to say he has now almost completely weaned himself off proprietary software, both at home and at work. He currently mostly programs in Python. In his spare time he is an award-winning home-brewer and is currently working on a science-fiction rock-opera.


There are now several earth observation satellites in orbit around our fair planet, beaming down huge volumes of gorgeous imagery every day. Digital Earth Australia (DEA) is a platform managed by Geoscience Australia (GA) to make this imagery of Australia available to government, industry and researchers for easy use. At the heart of DEA is the Open Data Cube, an open source Python platform for working with Earth Observation data. Data 61 has been working with GA to develop open source web services and clients to make this rich source of data accessible to both expert users and non-technical people who just like to look at cool satellite images in the comfort of their own home. Linux Australia: YouTube: