Beach Wreck Ignition: Challenges in open source voice

A1 | Thu 24 Jan | 2:25 p.m.–3:10 p.m.

Presented by

  • Kathy Reid

    Kathy Reid works at the intersection of open source, emerging technologies and technical communities. She is currently Director of Developer Relations at Mycroft AI, democratising voice with open source speech recognition and language processing technologies. She has held several technical leadership positions, including roles as Digital Platforms and Operations Manager at Deakin University, managing platforms such as WordPress, Squiz Matrix and Atlassian Confluence, technical lead on projects involving digital signage and videoconferencing, and has worked as a web and application developer. More recently, she has run her own technical consulting micro-business. She is the President of Linux Australia, Inc. Kathy holds Arts and Science undergraduate degrees from Deakin University and an MBA (Computing) from Charles Sturt University, as well as several ITIL qualifications.


This session will look at why open source voice is so difficult, and what strategies are currently being applied to meet these challenges. Real time speech to text- including hardware limitations, difficulties with on-device STT, challenges with cloud based STT including responsiveness. Machine learning and training challenges - including debugging poor fit models, sourcing significant data sets and training new models Multiple languages, localisation and internationalisation - including language idiosyncrasies, slang and handling intent collisions across multiple Skills Voice user interaction - the challenge of producing a voice interaction that is both useful AND human-like Linux Australia: YouTube: