Doing it the Hard Way - Building a Vulkan VR Engine for Linux


After becoming frustrated with the lack of support for Linux by the major graphics/game engine vendors, Pete set out to climb one of the steeper learning-curves in modern computing, and write his own Vulkan VR Engine. This talk will provide an overview of the current state of VR technology on Linux, information gained from first-hand experience developing with the Vulkan API, and share a developers journey from 'first-triangle' to some of the cool stuff the engine now supports, some of the doors that this work opened, and what the future holds.

Presented by

    Pete Black

    Pete is an independent graphics developer from Wellington, New Zealand, who has been using Linux/UNIX to get stuff done for longer than most. Specialising in VR and 3D graphics development in C/C++ with Vulkan and OpenGL, he has also worked in Internet Infrastructure, Web development, Systems administration, Supercomputing, Interactive Exhibitions, Film/VFX and more.