Deep Learning, Not Deep Creepy

C3 | Wed 23 Jan | 2:25 p.m.–3:10 p.m.

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  • Jack Moffitt

    Jack Moffitt is a Principal Research Engineer at Mozilla. He works on new products on the Emerging Technologies team, specifically with machine learning. Previously at Mozilla he led the Servo project, a next generation browser engine focused on parallelism and safety. Before Mozilla he founded and worked at several startups working on real-time search, XMPP, multiplayer games, and internet radio. He has been created and been involved in a number of open source and free software projects including Icecast, the Ogg Vorbis and Daala codecs, and the Strophe XMPP libraries.


Massive amounts of data have accelerated advances in machine learning, and companies are collecting as much as they can to power their algorithms. Deep learning has many amazing and practical use cases, but the privacy and social implications of current machine learning systems leave much to be desired. At Mozilla, we're trying to make machine learning systems that empower people and ensure their privacy. I'll give an overview of deep learning, its applications, and how it all works. Then I'll demo and talk about several machine learning projects at Mozilla, including Deep Speech, speech synthesis, grammar checking, and more. At the end, you'll know what the hype is about, and how you can use these technologies for good. Linux Australia: YouTube: